Onyx Stone Men's Ring

Ellipse Black Onyx Stone Silver Men's Ring with Braid Style Around

This silver men's ring features a braided design around the center of an elliptical black onyx stone, making it a classic accessory. The simple, modern style is great for everyday wear and will make you look unique. The black onyx stone at the center of the ring gives it an impressive air of sophistication. The onyx stone is given visual depth and texture thanks to the silver band's braided design. The subtle brushed finish enhances the shine of the timeless, fashionable design. This Ellipse Ring is a fantastic option for men of all sizes due to the proportionately large black onyx stone and sleek silver band. The ring's sturdy sterling silver construction ensures it will last a lifetime. It is not easily bent or broken thanks to its solid build. It's the epitome of class and masculinity combined. Everyone who sees you wearing this Ellipse Ring will want one for themselves. It's guaranteed to be an eye-catching masterpiece that's treasured for generations. Whether you're buying it for your dad, bro, or best friend, this ring will always be a classic and appreciated gift.

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7 US / 55 mm
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8.25 US / 58 mm
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12.5 US / 69 mm
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13.5 US / 71 mm

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