Onyx Stone on Axe Edges Tiny Black Zircon Stone Men's Ring

Double Headed Viking Axe on Black Ellipse Onyx Stone Silver Men's Ring Siding Braid Pattern Pattern and Zircons

Marvel at the intricate design of this Double Headed Viking Axe Onyx Stone Silver Men's Ring, which features a braided pattern on the side and zircons. The black elliptical onyx stone in the middle is set off by the zircons' subtle glimmer. The ring's symmetry and impressive visual impact are due in large part to the depiction of two Viking axes, one on each side. The perfect accessory for any brave Viking-loving man, this magnificent ring makes a bold proclamation of strength and honor. The ring's sturdy silver construction guarantees it will last for years and can be worn without tarnishing or losing its shape. This eye-catching necklace will quickly become a favorite addition to any outfit and a topic of discussion wherever it goes. If you know a man with an adventurous, strong Viking spirit, this is the perfect gift for him.

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