Silver Special Facet Cut Onyx Edge Black Zircon Inlaid Ottoman Tughra Men's Ring

Black Onyx Stone with Black Zircons Half Moon Shaped Silver Men’s Ring Siding Ottoman Tughra

Intricately studded with tiny jet black zircons, this stone is as mysterious as it is beautiful. Pure Silver Crescent Moon Pendant The Siding Ottoman Tughra Ring for Men is a one-of-a-kind and fashionable addition to any man's jewelry collection. The black zircons and onyx stone make a striking contrast against the shiny silver. The design is finished off by the half-moon shaped sides, giving it a look that is uniquely Ottoman Tughra. The intricate design of this ring ensures that it will be a conversation starter wherever you go. Black onyx, a variety of quartz, can be sourced primarily from those two countries. A lot of people use it for jewelry because of how long-lasting and tough it is. Many people also attribute its beneficial effects to its ability to help them focus, boost their self-esteem, and calm their nerves. The black zircons give the ring a sophisticated sheen that makes it perfect for formal events. The Ottoman Tughra pattern was widely used by the mighty Ottoman Empire as a badge of honor and prestige. The ring's design is set apart from others by its half-moon shaped sides. Those particulars are what will catch people's eyes and earn them some admiration. This ring is an excellent choice for any man who wants to make a bold fashion statement. The Ottoman Tughra pattern is a standout detail, and the black onyx stone and black zircons give the design a timeless yet contemporary feel. Any jewelry collection would benefit greatly from the addition of this piece.

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