Silver Black Onyx Stone Side Complete Stone Engraved Men's Ring

White Zircons Around Black Onyx Stone Circle Silver Men’s Ring Siding Zircons

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The Silver Men's Ring with White Zircons Around a Circle of Black Onyx Stones is a great way to update a man's jewelry collection with a contemporary and stylish look. This exquisite piece is fashioned in the traditional round form, and it features a black onyx focal stone encircled by white zircons. The silver ring has been polished to a mirror-like sheen as well. The wearer of this ring will be the center of attention wherever they go thanks to the bold statement it makes. The ring has a striking appearance because of the contrast between the black onyx and the white zircon stones. Both the black onyx and the white zircons contribute an air of mystery and sophistication. This pair of stones, when combined, makes for a stunning accessory that is understated yet fashionable. The band is made of silver, making it look elegant and classic. Thanks to silver's naturally reflective properties, this piece will attract attention wherever it goes. The white zircons and black onyx will shine brighter thanks to the silver's reflective properties. This stunning ring is equally at home on the red carpet as it is in your everyday jewelry collection. It's a high-end piece that can be dressed up or down depending on your needs. This Silver Men's Ring Features White Zircons Encircling A Black Onyx Stone In A Circle Design Is Sure To Last Forever.

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