Silver Special Facet Cut Agate Stone Red Enameled Ottoman Tughra Engraved Ring

Red Agate Stone with Red Enamel Ellipse Silver Men’s Ring Siding Bush Pattern and Dimond Pattern and Ottoman Tughra

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The Silver Men's Ring with Red Enamel and Red Agate Stone in Siding Bush and Dimond Patterns and Ottoman Tughra is a work of art. The center of the red agate stone is decorated with a red enamel ellipse, and the sterling silver setting is surrounded by a bush and diamond design. Intricate Ottoman Tughra ornamentation covers the ring's top. This one-of-a-kind jewelry is ideal for celebrating any milestone. The contrast between the deep red enamel and the deep red agate really sets this piece apart. The silver bands framing the stone and the decorative accents make it appropriate for dressy events. Many pieces of jewelry in Turkey and other parts of the former Ottoman Empire feature the intricate Ottoman Tughra design. The intricate design is truly remarkable, lending an air of antiquity to an otherwise contemporary object. The ring's diamonds and bushy design are a lovely finishing touch. Diamonds flash brilliantly, and the intricate bush design provides visual depth and dimension. This Silver Men's Ring Set with a Red Agate Stone and Red Enamel Ellipse in a Siding Bush Pattern, a Dimond Pattern, and an Ottoman Tughra is an heirloom-quality piece of jewelry that will be treasured for generations. It would look lovely amongst other jewelry in your collection.

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