Onyx Stone Elif-Vav Men's Ring

Alif and Vav Letters on Small Circle Black Onyx Stone Silver Men's Ring with Wavy Top Pattern

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A one-of-a-kind addition to any man's jewelry collection, this ring features the Arabic letters for "Alif" and "Vav" carved into a small circle of black onyx and a The silver band complements the sleek design of the black onyx stone beautifully. On the ring's top are carved the Hebrew letters Alif and Vav, which have special meaning. They stand for the name of God and the fellowship that Christians share with Him. The wavelike pattern at the ring's top is an understated but intriguing design element. You won't find a better ring for the man who wants to accessorize in style while also making a statement. The letters Alif and Vav provide divine protection and guidance and forge a close bond between the believer and their faith. The timeless combination of silver and black onyx creates a chic look that's ideal for casual, day-to-day wear. You can wear this piece of jewelry with anything from a professional outfit to a more relaxed weekend ensemble.

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